Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Never rent a car when the road signs are in a foreign language.

We began our day today by renting a car and heading to Versailles. Our thinking was that driving would be much faster, giving us more time. However, by the time found our way out of Paris and mistakingly changing routes many, many times, we did not save any time. Once we parked the tiny, confusing, foreign car and waited in numerous long ticket (or billet) lines, we were finally free to tour the amazing Versailles! The palace/estate is breath taking at first glance and only grows more so as you roam throughout the excessively, grand rooms and stunning grounds. We started in the palace, with it's beautifully painted ceilings and famous hall of mirrors. Then we toured the gardens, Marie Antoinette's private estate's, and the farm. It's a close call between the gardens and Marie Antoinette's private estate's, but the estate's were my favorite..complete with her own pink marble palace (with an exhibit of her dresses and later designs influenced by her style), her make believe land with adorable cottages, gardens, and even a small tower, and lastly her own outdoor theatre (where I desperately wanted to break out into "On my Own"...get it...French revolution). I don't think we missed a single acre of the gorgeous estate. We finally made it back to Paris, starving and feet aching, and returned the car around 9:30. All in all a long, but great and fascinating day!

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